New Favorite App

For children: Toca Hair Salon.


My daughter adores styling Santa and the Christmas tree on the free version.


New Favorite Lipstick

Although it is more of a tinted lip balm, I love Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Coral. Tinted lip balms have, in the past, left me unsatisfied. Until now.


A close second runner up is the lip treatment in Rose Shine.


Actually, they are all fantastic.


Trust me. There is no substitute.

Twenty Minutes

I sweat this time of year, New Years resolutions and all. I feel pressured to create a whole new life plan when what I really need is to do what I already do a little better; to feel like the day to day is a little more manageable.

So I’m stealing a trick from a friend. I am going to set the timer on my phone and work on one thing for 20 minutes. If I need to come back to it after a break and finish, then great. But the trick is to focus for short, manageable bursts of time.

Okay, my 20 (ok 30) are up. On to the next.

New Favorite

Blue jeans: The Sateen Prima – Super Black mid-rise cigarette.

Sateen prima black jeans

I have been on the post-baby hunt for the perfect slimming skinny jean. I found these at the Ruby Slipper (these ladies always have the latest denim). The Sateen Prima is luxuriously soft, it does not stretch and bag after a long wearing, and it DOES NOT attract lint like other black jeans. The mid-rise provides comfortable waist coverage, and most importantly, the Sateen Prima flatters.

The two runners up are: the coco onyx jean by dl1961, which stretched out a little more than they claim should happen…

dl1961 coco onyx

And the Slim Illusion Skinny in Rinse by 7 for all mankind, which are the compression skinnies of all jeans. They do actually knock off one size off of you. But the rise is almost 2 inches lower, so if you shrink, you need to yank them up to get decent waist coverage.

slim illusion by seven

New Favorite

iPhone case.


Holiday Traditions

Three year olds and Christmas go together like peanut butter and jelly. Our holiday spirits revived, my husband and I have created a list of traditions we would like to carry on:

Bake angels, trees and Santa cookies like my mom taught me with circles and triangles
Watch Elf and eat popcorn
Random acts of kindness
Visit Santa and write a letter (Martha Stewart has a good template)

Read Christmas books
Go see Nutcracker and meet the ballerinas

Put up outdoor decorations

Drive around in pjs and look at other Christmas lights
Drive over to friends’ houses without warning and film their holiday traditions

On Target

Yes, I shopped the Target Neiman Marcus holiday collection from little ‘ole Iowa. Favorite score? The faux fur vest by Skaist-Taylor. Lined in pink satin and luxurious detail, I wore it to a holiday party that very evening with a pink J Crew skirt and Stella and Dot reversible necklace.



Other favorites? The Tracy Reese dessert plates and Derek Lam slippers.



Nursery II


The steamer trunk dresser is a favorite.


For my little world traveler, a classic Russian advertisement.

For Mary

As mentioned in the Bucket List, we mixed the Lazy Boy into our nursery. Mary wanted to see it in action. So this is for you.


Excuse Me

… But is this the runway?


Where does she get this from, I wonder?