Only 10 Things?

Inspired by the book, Lessons From Madame Chic by Jennifer Scott, I tried to narrow my closet down to a very small set of things that I would wear for 30 days, lured by the promise of more time and focus.

Here was my attempt to pare down to 10 items per the recommendation in the book. I did not count blazers, accessories or shoes. Bien sur pas.


Not surprisingly, I failed on day seven. True to the all-or-nothing American form, I was going to chuck the experiment entirely when I reached beyond the petite wardrobe and grabbed an old favorite brown leather skirt and burnt orange silk henley.

Now, after 10 day, here is what I am up to.


I wonder if I should continue on with the experiment and see what this looks like week by week. Clearly, ten items is too limiting. Ten dresses, maybe, but when you add tops, skirts, a pair of jeans and a cardigan, ce n’est pas possible.

Yet, I have been inspired to weed out things I no longer need. (After two pregnancies and a failed golf career, this was not too hard to do.) I am now looking at a rack of clothing in my home office that needs to find a new home.

Anyone up for a closet sale?

Ivanka Your Shoe

These pumps are going to go with each one of the 4 orange dresses I have for Spring. But more on that later.


New Pink


1. Mai Couture blush paper

2. Theory Inessa dress

3. Hermes scarf

4. Diane Von Furstenburg blouse

5. Christian Louboutin pumps

6. JewelMint bracelet

7. Giambattista Valli skirt

8. Kelly Wearstler Earrings

New Favorite Ears

I found the perfect headphones – with sound quality comparable to Bose, excellent noise canceling, and connects to your music through Bluetooth – no wires. Meet my new favorite travel companion, Parrot Zik.

Carla Bruni agrees.


New Favorite Nails

I had given up on nail polish… Except my nails look terrible without it. And then I caved on my birthday at this cool boutique nail salon, 10 over 10. I never would have tried this nude color, F1, but it looked great on another customer – and she exclaimed that it makes your fingers look thinner. (Only in Manhattan!) I don’t know about about that, but I do think it is professional and a little edgy – without being weird. And it’s very low maintenance.

HIPPxRGB makes other colors to match different skin tones. Check it out here.


Oh Dannijo

I love Dannijo necklaces.


Important Meeting

Wore my favorite Hermes scarf, a J. Crew sheath on sale, Prada buckle shoes.


New Favorite Lipstick

Although it is more of a tinted lip balm, I love Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Coral. Tinted lip balms have, in the past, left me unsatisfied. Until now.


A close second runner up is the lip treatment in Rose Shine.


Actually, they are all fantastic.


Trust me. There is no substitute.

Twenty Minutes

I sweat this time of year, New Years resolutions and all. I feel pressured to create a whole new life plan when what I really need is to do what I already do a little better; to feel like the day to day is a little more manageable.

So I’m stealing a trick from a friend. I am going to set the timer on my phone and work on one thing for 20 minutes. If I need to come back to it after a break and finish, then great. But the trick is to focus for short, manageable bursts of time.

Okay, my 20 (ok 30) are up. On to the next.

Yellow Ochre

The color of this skirt reminds me of a fresh squeezed tube of yellow ochre oil paint. It’s strong and simple.


Blouse and skirt from CAbi. Jacket is Tory Buch. Manolo suede boots scored at a Decades pop up sale several years ago.