Fashion Mama Spotlight: Jodi Faeth (meets Tim Gunn!)

Jodi Faeth and I had an interesting “first date.” We met in Le Claire at a wine tasting, and she invited my husband and I out the next day to a giant flea market in Solon, Iowa where she and her long-time partner, Mike, were working their booth for Antique Archaeology. We spent a long day alternately hanging out in their booth so they could walk around and trying to cover part of the flea market ourselves. The market is an annual 4th of July event, and I don’t know how they do it every year; it was hot, sweaty, exhilarating and exhausting. Maybe that’s why it has stuck with me Jodi’s comment that night over dinner. Towards the end of the meal, Jodi leaned over with a twinkle in her eye and said, “Now, we’re old friends!”

And that is the magic of Jodi. She has a way of making you feel like a million bucks, and at the same time, she makes you believe she is the quintessential down-to-earth, every day gal. But don’t be fooled… Jodi is a fabulous cook and entertainer, she is wicked smart and funny, and a bold but girly sense of style. And I love that she is not shy about expressing it at work as a corporate accountant.

So, what does this have to do with Tim Gunn? Jodi’s long-time partner has had quite a success with his new reality TV show, American Pickers, on the History Channel (Monday nights at 8pm, get it on the Tivo, people). This Spring, the channel flew her and Mike to New York to walk the red carpet and attend parties. And despite the fact the show ratings were huge, it didn’t hit me that the show had made it until she emailed me the week before the event that Tim Gunn was texting her, and Fenton and Fallon offered to send over some pieces to her hotel room.

I love that Jodi is the unassuming, fun-loving “everyday gal” who is getting the celebrity treatment. So, I asked her to be the first ever style spotlight on JHS, and she graciously agreed to answer a few of my questions.

JHS: Is Tim Gunn the person that you see on T.V.?
Jodi: Yes. Tim Gunn is truly a gentlemen, and he is very personable – he remembers your name. He is also very down-to-earth, and he gave me some good advice. He told me to take all in [the success with the show] but realize what’s important.

JHS: Here comes the classic question: tell me about what you are wearing.
Jodi: I am wearing a necklace that I bought in Austin at Valentines Too Boutique. And I am wearing my new jeans from Imogene + Willie, a denim designer in Nashville.

JHS: You have traveled a lot to Nashville over the years, and you’ve described it as one of your favorite shopping venues. Tell us about your favorite must-see boutiques in the area.
Jodi: I love Posh, Serenite, Moda… I also like H. Audrey and Venus & Mars.

JHS: What is your signature style?
Jodi: I love accessories… great Italian shoes or legwear like fishnets. I appreciate details like stitching. And I like to wear opposites – casual for dressy, for example. I’m not a spend-thrift [remember, she’s an accountant], but I will splurge on quality, like the perfect fitting pair of jeans. The last time we were in Nashville, Mike and I went to Imogene + Willie. It’s a really cool place. They have all of the patterns hanging from the ceiling of an old gas station. We met the owners, and they made the jeans while we sat and had coffee. [Check out their website listed below. Watching the video makes you want to fly to Nashville if for no other reason than to hang out at the shop and watch them make jeans.]

JHS: What’s next for you?
Jodi: We bought an old house in Leipers Fork [near Nashville] that is being gutted and restored. I am really enjoying the build-out of the kitchen and especially the closet!!

JHS: Why Leipers Fork?
Jodi: Well, we’ve been going down there for years; we have good friends who own a house next door. And it’s a small place [just over 500 people live there.] And you can’t beat living in a place that holds an annual event where you drink wine and play a bean bag toss game called “Cornhole”.

Jodi’s Nashville Picks:
SERENITE MAISON – 4149 Old Hillsboro Rd. Leiper’s Fork 615-599-2071
Chic antiques and toiletries boutique owned by a former L.A. decorator.

IMOGENE + WILLIE – 2601 12th Avenue South, Nashville 615-292-5005
Denim designer in a retrofitted gas station; be sure to watch their funky online videos.

VENUS & MARS SILVERY MOON – 2830 Bransford Ave. 615-269-8357
A converted house in the trendy Berry Hill neighborhood, stocked with vintage clothes and new and used accessories.

POSH – 1809 21st. Ave. S.; 615-383-9840
Contemporary modern clothes; regulars include Nicole Kidman, Annie Lennox and the Rascal Flatts.

THE PERFECT PAIR – 2209 Bandywood Dr.; 615-385-7247
This upscale shoe shop is a hit with local belles.

KATY K’S RANCH DRESSING 2407 12th Ave. S. 615-297-4242
Katy Kattelman’s own retro-cool country creations along with new and vintage wares.

JAMIE 4317 Harding Rd. 615-292-4188
The “Ultimate Shopping” for luxury goods from high fashion designers.

MODA 2511 12th Avenue S. 615-298-2271
Eclectic, elegant boutique located in the trendy 12 South district; voted 2nd best boutique, 3rd best place to buy denim.


  1. Liz Custer says:

    LOVE Jodi and Mike and so glad to have them as neighbors! :)

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  3. Barb says:

    my husband and I ????????????????

    Jenny…It’s “my husband and me” not my husband and I. Ie: She invited my husband. She invited me. You would not say…”She invited I.”

    Writing 101.

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