Makeup Monday or The Nail Situation: Reader Report on 14 Day Nail Polish!

I love Mike “The Situation”. It’s a great term, and I have enjoyed overusing it. Like here, I’ll give you a little background on the Nail Situation.

I inherited terrible fingernails. They peel in layers, they have a permi-bend when they are more than 0.25 cm long, if they don’t already tear by then (like Darwinism for my nails). Twelve capsules of fish oil a day is the only thing that has improved them, and it’s marginal. So, if anyone needs to stay up on her manicures, c’est moi.

I never wanted to be one of “those moms” who gave up on things when she had a baby. But, apparently I am, and despite the Nail Situation, I gave up on manicures. I already had a life-long roller coaster relationship with nail polish, and the baby was a great excuse to break it off for good.

Then, a reader wrote recently that her salon started offering a nail polish that lasts for two weeks that kept her nails from splitting, so they grew longer than they normally would. Bonus is that when she walked out, her nails are already dry.

So, ladies, this is about as good as it’s going to get for the Nail Situation (see, I told you). And my on-again, off-again relationship – it’s on again!

Read the full report at the nail addict’s blog, All Lacquered Up.


  1. kschwarz says:

    Sounds amazing. I’d like to give it a try. Is anyone using it in the Quad Cities?

  2. Kris Schwarz says:

    Got my Shellac manicure on Saturday. I went with a French white tip. It looks very natural and — it’s still shiny. I’ll let you know how they look in 14 days.


  3. msjones says:

    Indulgence Nail & Hair Salon in Rock Island on blackhawk rd does my Shellac manicures and they do an excellent job. My manicures last 3-4 weeks. Nakeya is the BEST!!!!!

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