New Favorite Lipstick

Although it is more of a tinted lip balm, I love Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Coral. Tinted lip balms have, in the past, left me unsatisfied. Until now.


A close second runner up is the lip treatment in Rose Shine.


Actually, they are all fantastic.


Trust me. There is no substitute.


  1. Love Fresh!

  2. Flower Power says:

    Hi there! Sorry to barge in and go off-topic, but I sent an email to your personal email and it bounced back. I am 5-2 and am considering the Hatch dinner party dress but it is final sale. I loevd it so much when it first came out (and I was not pregnant) and found it overhwhelming (plus there was other things I wanted more). Now I am pregnant (and it is on sale) so I am consdering buying it again but it is final sale. Were you able to successfully use it after pregnancy? Was it an expensive or difficult alterations? Should I take a gamble and go for it?

  3. admin says:

    Great questions. I have not worn it post pregnancy (yet), but it is hanging in my current rotation for the right occasion. I altered it when I was pregnant (because I am a similar height and also found it overwhelming), and it was very easy to do so.

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