Only 10 Things?

Inspired by the book, Lessons From Madame Chic by Jennifer Scott, I tried to narrow my closet down to a very small set of things that I would wear for 30 days, lured by the promise of more time and focus.

Here was my attempt to pare down to 10 items per the recommendation in the book. I did not count blazers, accessories or shoes. Bien sur pas.


Not surprisingly, I failed on day seven. True to the all-or-nothing American form, I was going to chuck the experiment entirely when I reached beyond the petite wardrobe and grabbed an old favorite brown leather skirt and burnt orange silk henley.

Now, after 10 day, here is what I am up to.


I wonder if I should continue on with the experiment and see what this looks like week by week. Clearly, ten items is too limiting. Ten dresses, maybe, but when you add tops, skirts, a pair of jeans and a cardigan, ce n’est pas possible.

Yet, I have been inspired to weed out things I no longer need. (After two pregnancies and a failed golf career, this was not too hard to do.) I am now looking at a rack of clothing in my home office that needs to find a new home.

Anyone up for a closet sale?


  1. Kellie Lipe says:

    Let me know, I love clothes, shoes and the whole shebang! Love you cousin!

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