St. Louis

I just returned from a trip to St. Louis for work. Here are some snapshots.


Terrible weather for driving. But this made me smile.


Indeed. One new tire later, I had to ditch my dinner plans in St. Louis and get some Popeyes on the way.


These are on display across the elevator in the hotel. I would catch people trying to figure out what the heck they were while we waited.


These are cakes. My kind of cakes.


I am glad I brought one more dress than I thought I needed. And this plissé scarf. It’s called “Un Cheval Sur Mon Carre”.


One block from the hotel, I found this amazing gift shop called Lusso. My son is the year of the dragon. I think his would be adorable in his room.


I wish this fountain was turned on. I took a picture of this for my budding ballerina.


For Mister – legs to chew on.


For my Sweet Tart from Lusso. I painted her nails immediately when I got home.


For me. Just kidding. But not really…

Special thanks to Jenny of St. Louis for letting me test that amazing face oil, Rodin, olio lusso, as well as every Tocca perfume in the store. I’ll be back.

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