Barb or Bunny?

I don’t get a lot of comments on my blog. I assume I don’t get a lot of readers, either. But this weekend, two readers emailed me – TWO of them in a row! I received this one from Barb this weekend regarding an ancient Fashion Mama Spotlight:

my husband and I ????????????????

Jenny…It’s “my husband and me” not my husband and I. Ie: She invited my husband. She invited me. You would not say…”She invited I.”

Writing 101.

I am a paranoid type, so I automatically assume Barb is not Barb. I am guessing you are either my high school English teacher, Bunny Schmaltz, or you are my father having some fun with me. (You used to hate it when I said, “Kelley and I.”) But the last line is uncharacteristic of either Bunny or my father. So maybe you are really Barb who is a grammar hound. In any event, thanks for the tip.

The other comment I received is about another really old post, the Undershirt:

You actually gave the man a verbal warning with notice of a future written warning?! That guy should quit 10 minutes ago, not 5 seconds from now. How do you ever make it through a day surrounded by a society full of men who’s T-shirts are showing, either in life or movies and TV? Nothing wrong with you not liking it, but reprimanding someone? UNBELIEVABLE.

I don’t think this is my father… but after all of the times you cheated me in gin rummy, I can’t assume anything. Oh well Frank, stop being so sensitive about your undershirt. Get a v-neck and move on.

That was fun! Thanks for reading. Let’s keep mixing it up.


  1. Kim says:

    I love commenters. Especially those with their own reprimands. And the grammar and etiquette police of the Interwebs.

    When you get these type of comments, that means you have MADE IT! ;) Because people only nitpick people who are extra cool and important.

  2. <3 your blog :)

  3. Kellie Lipe says:

    Sounds like your

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